Female performing daily stretches at home
Muscle pain, also known as myalgia, is extremely common and will affect most people at some point. Muscle pains typically subside on their own within a short time. However, some can linger for months. Muscle pain can be felt in any body part, including the neck, back, legs and shoulders. You may feel pain, soreness, cramping, aching,...
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Group lesson learning posture techniques
Poor posture can lead to several health problems, including digestive issues and chronic back pain. This guide will explain exactly why it’s so essential to maintain good posture. We’ll also give you five ways in which a chiropractor can help you sit and stand straighter in your everyday activities at home and work. What Does...
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Man having a good night sleep
Good sleep is critical for our health and wellbeing. Not only does sleep help us feel refreshed, but it also helps our bodies recover from the day’s activities. On the other hand, poor sleeping positions can lower your sleep quality and put you at risk of developing back pain or other health problems. In this guide,...
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Pregnant woman with sciatica back pain from pregnancy
Pregnancy is beautiful. But it can also be brutal. Heartburn, headaches, cramping, haemorrhoids – these are just a few of the painful symptoms that can make pregnancy challenging and stressful. There’s another pain that can strike when you’re pregnant: sciatica pain. This one can make the experience downright miserable. It causes many women to seek out...
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facts about the spine
Have you ever wondered how people are able to move in so many different ways? In large part, it’s due to the structure of our spinal columns. Here are some really fascinating facts about the spine… 5 amazing facts about the spine: Your spine is made up of 5 sections – cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral...
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What Causes Poor Posture?  We have entered a digital age where everyone sits at a computer or staring down at their phone or tablet for hours on end, slowly finding themselves slumping over in the process and resulting in poor posture. Poor posture often results in the rounding of your shoulders, causing the spine to...
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