Is it Sciatica? Chiropractic treatment for pregnancy pains

Pregnant woman with sciatica back pain from pregnancy

Pregnancy is beautiful. But it can also be brutal. Heartburn, headaches, cramping, haemorrhoids – these are just a few of the painful symptoms that can make pregnancy challenging and stressful.

There’s another pain that can strike when you’re pregnant: sciatica pain. This one can make the experience downright miserable. It causes many women to seek out chiropractic care from our Brisbane spine clinic.

Chiropractic treatment is beneficial in pregnancy because it can help alleviate sciatic low back pain and pain in the neck, hips and joints. Treatments also re-establish movement and help take pressure off your pelvis and spine.

Common pregnancy pains (sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, etc.)

Experiencing pain when you are pregnant is common, and most women will have to deal with some form of back pain during their pregnancy. When it occurs due to Sciatica, though, the pain can be extreme and persistent, making what should be a very special time in your life rather difficult and unpleasant.

Sciatic nerve pain radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, branching from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down your legs. It is often described as sharp, shooting or burning pain and can accompany paraesthesia, numbness and weakness. Usually, Sciatica affects only one side of the body.

Pain from Sciatica normally develops at around 29 weeks and tends to intensify as time goes on. The pain increases because the sciatic nerve shifts and pinches as ligaments become loose and your centre of gravity shifts. A baby’s weight places pressure on the nerve, increasing pain. Fortunately, chiropractic sciatica treatment can help relieve it.

Is chiropractic treatment safe in pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe. It also happens to be effective for most individuals. It is one of the go-to natural treatments for people experiencing ongoing sciatic pain and can reduce discomfort significantly. It’s especially effective when combined with home pain relief methods, such as performing pelvic tilt exercises and taking warm showers.

Chiropractic sciatica treatment involves gentle movement through the lumbar spine and soft tissue work of the muscles surrounding the spine and buttocks. One of the most common muscles involved with sciatic is the piriformis muscle as it can apply direct pressure on the sciatic nerve.

When you have sciatic during pregnancy, there is a great deal of movement through the lower back and buttock or gluteal muscles, which, when treated, respond quite quickly and help resolve sciatic pain.

Treatment techniques for relieving sciatic pain

Our Chiro Brisbane uses a variety of tried-and-tested sciatica treatment techniques to reduce sciatic pain.

Other sciatica treatment techniques include trigger point therapy, pelvic blocking (the Sacro Occipital Technique) and dry needling. All of these chiropractic treatments, which may be combined for best results, can be useful in treating low back pain and pain caused by Sciatica affecting the hips, buttocks and legs.

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If you are struggling with pain in your pregnancy, particularly sharp or burning pains in the lower back and body, it could be Sciatica. For an accurate assessment and personalised treatment, contact our Brisbane chiropractic and musculoskeletal clinic to schedule an appointment at our spinal clinic in Fortitude Valley.


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