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Chiropractor treating tennis elbow
Whether you’re an athlete, play the occasional pick-up game, or recently increased your physical activity, you can expect pain sometimes. But when the pain goes beyond typical post-workout muscle aches, you should seek advice from a trusted health professional. Got Tennis Elbow? Here’s How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Sports injuries, when left unchecked, can worsen over...
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Exercising indoors while working from home
With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, many find themselves working from home (“WFH”) or amid another lockdown. And for some, staying home means staying active is becoming increasingly more challenging. But if you’re like many others, inactivity can lead to worsening health conditions. So, to help, we’ve compiled six healthy tips to improve or...
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chiropractic treatments Brisbane
Our Chiro Brisbane provides a range of effective chiropractic treatments in Brisbane. Our team consists of qualified professionals, dedicated to providing the best possible chiropractic care for a wide range of health conditions. Contact us to book an appointment and start the journey to a pain free life! Find your balance with professional musculoskeletal and...
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kinesio taping
Kinesio taping is often used to treat injured joints. Do you want to reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation? We are here to help treat your injury as effectively as possible. Contact Our Chiro Brisbane to book an appointment. One of the taping methods we use at Our Chiro Brisbane is Kinesio taping or – more...
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strength training
At Our Chiro Brisbane we spend a lot of time talking to our patients about strength training, so we thought we’d share an overview with all of you… Why do you need strength? Strength is the amount of force that a muscle can exert against resistance. The stronger your muscles are, the less likely they...
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prevent injuries
Are you getting enough exercise to protect your body? Have you thought about the physical benefits of exercise that actually work to help prevent injuries? Regular exercise and chiropractic care can work in tandem as preventative measures. Here are some reasons to get out there and get moving… The benefits of exercise can actually help...
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Are you experiencing pain in your hip and thigh? It might be your iliopsoas. If you have a problem with this muscle, you are likely to experience pain at the front of your hip, which may radiate down your thigh. You might also experience pain in your low back. Where is your iliopsoas located? The...
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Muscle tears and strains
Muscle tears and strains are injuries we often see and treat at Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane. Sometimes when you push yourself a little too hard playing sport you may feel the pain and discomfort of a muscle tear or strain. What are muscle tears and strains? Muscles are made up of muscle fibers. A tear...
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knee pain
Are you struggling with knee pain? You might have a medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury – one of the most common knee injuries. MCL injuries are something we commonly see and treat at Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane. The medial collateral ligament plays a crucial role in everyday movement. The MCL runs along the inner edge...
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