Natural headache treatment in Brisbane without endless painkillers

Headache treatment in Brisbane

If you are looking for headache treatment in Brisbane, please contact Our Chiro to book your first appointment. Our team is fully qualified and focused on providing natural, long-term relief.

Headache treatment in Brisbane need not consist of endless appointments.

At Our Chiro we often find that people with chronic headaches have tried other treatment modalities before considering chiropractic. All too often, these other forms of treatment consist of a seemingly endless stream of appointment. Not to mention copious quantities of pain killers. Each time, short term pain relief is achieved. But the headaches return.

Chronic headaches require a particular type of treatment for long term relief.

Pain killers. Massage therapy. These are the most common treatments that people tend to try first. There is a simple reason why they don’t work. They focus on treating or simply masking the symptoms. They fail identify and take into account the various causative factors that are present.

Identifying the causative factors at the beginning is of paramount importance.

Any client who enters our practice is suffering pain and discomfort. Our job is to determine the best way to treat each individual case. It is important to note that pain is a symptom. Pain is not a cause. We do various assessments to determine the exact biomechanical causes of the pain. It is by addressing and treating these causes that we are able to eradicate the symptoms: chronic headaches.

If you confer with other clients, you might discover that you are receiving different treatments for the same symptoms. This is because the exact causes differ on a case by case basis. Consequently, we sometimes refer clients to their GP or other types of medical practitioners if the case requires more than just chiropractic.

In short, we offer an incredibly thorough service. We feel that that this is the most effective way to provide headache treatment in Brisbane.

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