Valley headache treatment specialising in a holistic approach

Valley headache treatment

Many people do not associate chiropractic treatments with headaches. Or, at least, it’s not the immediate form of treatment that comes to mind. However, at Our Chiro in Valley headache treatment is one of our specialised services.

At our practice in Valley headache treatment is something we take very seriously.

People who are fortunate enough to not suffer from chronic headaches, can underestimate the negative impact this condition has on daily life. Our qualified chiropractors fully understand the nature of chronic headaches, and how this can be debilitating. We treat headaches as we would any other serious condition.

Our Chiro works on a case by case basis to provide individualised care for more effective results.

We do not believe in administering identical treatments for clients presenting with the same symptoms. Simply put, a variety of conditions can cause chronic headaches. If we were interested in just providing short-term relief for the symptoms, we would prescribe the same treatment. But at Our Chiro we are focused on addressing the causes in order to provide long-term relief.

This is why your first appointment at Our Chiro will consist of a thorough assessment. The aim of this assessment is to identify the exact biomechanical causes of your chronic headaches. Importantly, the finding of this assessment will form the basis of your treatment plan.

Although we believe in the effectiveness of chiropractic, we also recognise the benefits that other fields have to offer. Therefore, your treatment plan might include referral to an additional practitioner. This could be a dentist, a physiotherapist, a GP, or another type of practitioner who can help us effectively combat the causative factors of your headaches.

In this way, the team at Our Chiro provides a holistic approach to treating chronic headaches. Please contact us to book your assessment today.


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