Fortitude Valley headache treatment provides long-term relief

Fortitude Valley headache treatment

At Our Chiro in Fortitude Valley headache treatment is something we approach with long-term relief in mind. It might surprise you that a chiropractic practice treats migraines and other headaches. However, chiropractic frequently provides more long-term relief than other treatment modalities.

In Fortitude Valley headache treatment is taken seriously by our expert team.

We understand that chronic headaches are more than simply pain. Chronic headaches can affect your attention, concentration, energy levels, mood, and much more. As such, these symptoms should be taken seriously. Popping pain killers is not going to do much other than provide short term pain relief. If that.

Many of our clients have tried physiotherapy and other massage therapies before chiropractic. Although these massage therapies are certainly helpful for many conditions, they don’t address the biomechanical causes of chronic headaches.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but we don’t focus on treating pain when we treat someone presenting with chronic headaches.

This is because we do not want to simply mask the pain or provide short term relief. Our approach focuses on treating the causes of your headaches so that we can help you obtain long term relief. It is this that sets us apart from other forms of treatment. Additionally, it allows us to provide more effective relief in the long run and prevent your headaches from recurring.

However, we do not mean to imply that chiro is the sole treatment that should be used for treating headaches. Sometimes our initial assessments of a client reveal underlying causes that call for treatment outside the realm of chiropractic. In such cases, we refer clients to – and work closely with – other medical practitioners to provide a holistic treatment plan that addresses all the causative factors.

If you are suffering from chronic headaches, book an assessment with a member of our team. It’s the first step towards a headache-free future.


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