Headache treatment in Fortitude Valley that surpasses other options

Headache treatment in Brisbane

Our Chiro is a local chiropractic practice. Although we treat all kinds of conditions, we provide effective headache treatment in Fortitude Valley. In particular, we focus on resolving the conditions that cause chronic headaches.

Our headache treatment in Fortitude Valley aims to identify and cure the causative factors.

Unfortunately, when it comes to chronic pain, most conventional approaches focus almost exclusively on the symptoms. And whilst this might provide short-term relief, this does not actually solve the problem of chronic pain.

We do not deny that there is a place for pain medication and different forms of massage therapy. However, these do not identify the biomechanical problems and any other underlying issues that might be causing the chronic nature of the pain.

In a nutshell, this is why chiropractic is such an effective form of headache treatment in Fortitude Valley.

Our professional team will conduct a thorough assessment of each client, and work on a case by case basis.

This individualised care is another factor that sets Our Chiro apart from the rest. We have found that a thorough initial assessment is incredibly valuable. It allows us to accurately determine the correct treatment plan for each person who enters our practice.

Some clients require scans and different kinds of imagery techniques to give us a better understanding of the biomechanical issues at play. In some cases, we find that a client’s chronic headaches require other forms of treatment in addition to chiropractic. Consequently, you may be referred to your GP or a specialist medical practitioner.

Regardless of the causes of your chronic headaches, our team will work to ensure that you receive the relevant care for long term relief.

Importantly, we aim to provide care that is as natural and non-invasive as possible. Contact us today to book your first appointment.


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