What is a slipped disc?

What is a slipped disc

Are you experiencing lower back pain? You might be suffering from what is commonly referred to as a slipped disc. But what is a slipped disc exactly?

Did you know that your discs act as shock absorbers?

The human spine has 24 vertebrae. In between each is a jelly-like sac called the intervertebral disc. These discs act like spongy shock absorbers. When we are young these intervertebral discs are resilient to a lot of wear and tear. However, the discs can be damaged by traumatic events or repetitive stresses such as poor posture, falls, sporting injuries etc. As we age the discs become less spongy and less supportive and slowly degenerate.

What is a slipped disc and how does it differ from a disc bulge?

A disc bulge will occur when the outer fibers of the disc (the annulus fibrosis) weaken or tear. This in turn allows the contents of the disc to push out, either on one side or both. If the bulging of the disc contents is large enough, it will start to push on the spinal nerves. This creates neural symptoms, such as sciatic in the lumbar spine. In other words, disc bulging is what is commonly referred to as a “slipped disc”.

At Our Chiro Brisbane we have many different treatments to help with disc problems, as well as many preventative treatments to help reduce the risk of disc problems.

It is important for people with lower back pain to seek help whether it is as result of accidents, or repeated trauma such as sports. Even people who spend most of their day sitting at a desk need to have their spines assessed professionally.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our friendly staff at the clinic to find out more. Contact Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane on 07 3257 0399 or via our website.

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