Do chiropractors only crack?

chiropractors only crack

Many people believe that when you visit the chiropractor, you just go to get cracked. But to say that chiropractors only crack is far from the truth. It’s time to bust that myth!

Why do so many people believe that chiropractors only crack?

For many patients, we will carry out adjustments to various parts of the body where you may hear a small audible noise which sounds like a “crack or pop”. Despite the noise, this is actually painless. However, this is only a small element of our treatment.

At Our Chiro Brisbane these adjusting techniques are just one part of a whole range of treatments we use.

Our chiropractors use a wide range of treatments to restore proper function and get you out of pain and discomfort. Chiropractors are highly skilled and have studied intensively at university to learn
how to use these techniques safely and effectively for certain musculoskeletal problems.

At Our Chiro Brisbane, we make use of various treatment techniques. These include:

  • soft tissue work
  • massage
  • joint mobilisation
  • dry needling
  • activator
  • specific exercises
  • kinesiology taping (K-tape)
  • and ergonomic advice

Depending on what we are treating you for, your treatments will usually involve two to three different techniques.

This is because some techniques are more beneficial when used together.

Some injuries and conditions are not suitable to have adjustments carried out on. Therefore, we always have lots of different techniques up our sleeve for any presentation that arrives through our clinic door.

So whilst we do utilise adjustment techniques, the idea that chiropractors only crack is very misleading.

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