How often should I see a chiropractor?

How often should I see a chiropractor?

How often should I see a chiropractor? The answer depends on your body, as well as whether you have a specific complaint or are simply seeking improved wellbeing. Nevertheless, the team at Our Chiro Brisbane aims to improve your health as quickly as possible.

People often ask us ‘How often should I see a chiropractor?’ We aim to improve your functioning as swiftly as possible.

At Our Chiro Brisbane, our aim is short-term treatment to get you functioning at your best.

In most cases you should start feeling differences within a few treatments. For some situations you’ll feel better immediately! The difference lies in the fact that chiropractic adjustments are individual to your body and your specific needs at the time.

We will tailor a treatment plan to suit your body.

Your chiropractor will go through this with you, so you fully understand what your treatment will involve and how long you can expect it to be.

At the clinic we use a range of different treatment modalities. Your chiropractor will use these to best suit you. Furthermore, we use objective outcome measures to make sure you are on the right track to getting better in the shortest time possible.

Periodic “tune-ups” are often chosen by our patients, as part of maintaining their healthier lifestyle.

Whether you come to us for a specific issue, or simply want to experience a higher level of wellbeing, we will provide you with professional advice to help you reach your health goal. If you have any questions please contact us or call 07 32570399.


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