Do you have COVID back pain?

COVID back pain

Do you have COVID back pain? For those of you who have been forced to work at a makeshift desk in the lounge or dining room for the past nine months, you will know exactly what we are talking about! And you are certainly not alone. 

COVID back pain is on the rise!

This is caused by poor working conditions due to isolation, working from home and a lack of movement.

A lot of the indirect movement we used to do at work such as going for lunch, a coffee, and even just walking to and from work has reduced. This, in turn, has reduced the amount we move on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this contributes to a more sedentary lifestyle. And now more and more people are experiencing back pain, dubbed as ‘COVID back’.

Here at your local chiropractic clinic Our Chiro Brisbane we treat ‘COVID back’ on a daily basis.

Not only can we treat the aches and pains associated with working from home, but we can also offer advice on a better ergonomic set up for your home ‘office’. We also provide tips and exercises for better posture and spinal health.

At Our Chiro Brisbane clinic we use a range of gentle and effective treatments and a range of modalities.

These treatments and modalities can include Chiropractic, Dry Needling, Massage and Acupuncture.

For any further questions or information please contact one of our friendly staff us at the clinic on 07 32570399. You can also book online at

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