Valley migraine treatment with chiropractic

Valley migraine treatment

At Our Chiro in Valley migraine treatment is a specialised service we offer. All our chiropractors are fully qualified, with experience in the many aspects of chiropractic. Whilst it is not often the first course of action for many people, booking an assessment with a chiropractor can be the first step towards pain relief.

At Our Chiro in Valley migraine treatment has seen incredibly successful results.

The secret to our success? Our thorough and holistic approach to treating the causes of migraines. As those who suffer from migraines are well aware, no two cases are the same. Clients presenting with the same symptoms might very well require very different treatment plans.

This is because migraines are quite a complex ailment. There are many different symptoms before, during, and after a migraine. And different people experience different combinations of these symptoms. So it therefore stands to reason that we cannot promote the same treatment plan for all those who suffer from migraines.

Possibly the most imperative step in migraine treatment is identifying the particular cluster of causes in each individual client.

This step might sound obvious, but it is often a step that is neglected. This then leads to ineffective treatment plans. And a ceaseless stream of prescriptions for different painkillers, in the hope that one will prove to be effective.

At Our Chiro in Valley migraine treatment takes a different approach. Each client receives a thorough assessment in an effort to accurately identify the cause(s) of their migraines. Only then is a treatment plan developed, based on the findings of the assessment.

Our Chiro adopts a holistic approach to migraine treatment.

As chiropractors, we focus on resolving the biomechanical issues that are contributing to your migraines. However, other treatment modalities might be required for a complete solution. Therefore, we frequently work with specialists in other medical fields, as dictated by each individual case.

If you suffer from migraines, contact us to book your assessment today.


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