Fortitude Valley migraine treatment without side-effects

Fortitude Valley migraine treatment

Yes, it’s true! At Our Chiro in Fortitude Valley migraine treatment comes without side-effects. How? Well, chiropractic is a natural treatment modality that is non-invasive.

Importantly, when administered correctly, chiropractic can help prevent the recurrence of chronic migraines.

Why is it important to emphasise this? To put it simply, many people opt for copious painkillers in order to combat migraines. Taking pharmaceuticals such as painkillers on a regular basis can have severe side-effects. To add insult to injury, painkillers might mask the pain but it only provides temporary relief. The migraines will return.

People frequently seek physiotherapy and other massage therapies as treatment for migraines. Whilst these therapies have their place, they often only provide short-term pain relief.

At Our Chiro in Fortitude Valley migraine treatment is focused on providing long-term relief without side-effects.

Many people are surprised to hear that as chiropractors we treat migraines. In fact, it is a very effective form of treatment for all kinds of headaches. There are often biomechanical problems that are the root cause of migraines.

Thanks to our rigorous assessments, we are able to identify the nature of these biomechanical issues. This, in turn, informs the nature of the treatment programme that would best treat that person’s migraines. The treatment programme is then administered, focusing on resolving the causes of the migraines.

Not infrequently, there are other medical causes that need to be addressed that fall outside the scope of chiropractic. In such cases, we refer clients to – and work with – relevant health care providers. This collaborative and holistic approach ensures that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible level of care.

Our migraine treatment is effective because it is holistic and focuses on addressing the causes.

If you suffer from migraines, you would do best to book an appointment with a member of our team today.


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