How muscle tears and strains are treated with chiropractic

Muscle tears and strains

Muscle strain injuries and tears are often seen and treated at Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane. Sometimes when you push yourself a little too hard doing contact sports or physical activity you may feel the pain and discomfort of an injured muscle, tear or strain.

What are muscle tears and strains?

Muscles are made up of muscle fibres giving a range of motion. A tear or strain occurs when the muscle is stretched beyond its limit or made to work too hard or too fast. In most cases, only a few groups of fibers will be affected in the injured area, and the muscle will still function. However, in severe cases all the fibers will tear and the muscle will no longer function.

There are three grades of muscle strain:

  • Grade 1 – mild strain. Only a few fibres are stretched or torn. The area is tender and painful but retains normal strength and responds well to proper treatment.
  • Grade 2 – moderate strain. A greater number of fibres are affected. Pain is more intense, strength has been lost and there may be swelling and pain or bruising. Again, this strain responds well to treatment.
  • Grade 3 – severe strain. The muscle is torn all the way through. Considerable pain is felt, there is a complete loss of function, and both swelling and discoloration are present. With this grade of tear, surgical intervention may be needed.

How do we treat muscle strains with chiropractic?

Treatments our chiropractors use for grade 1 and 2 strains often involve the use of Kinesiology tape, rigid taping, cold laser therapy, dry needling, mobilisations, and gentle adjustments. We also use rehabilitation and strengthening programs once the muscle has had time to recover. Getting the correct physical therapy treatment helps the muscle regain normal function and strength faster, reduce swelling,  as well as prevent muscle weakening and shortening.

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