Sore hip and thigh? It might be your iliopsoas.


Are you experiencing pain in your hip and thigh? It might be your iliopsoas. If you have a problem with this muscle, you are likely to experience pain at the front of your hip, which may radiate down your thigh. You might also experience pain in your low back.

Where is your iliopsoas located?

The iliopsoas is one of the main hip flexor muscles. It is actually made up of two muscles: the psoas, which starts at the lumbar spine, and the iliacus, which starts from the inside of the pelvis. These two muscles are separate in the abdomen, but meet at the pelvis and run along the front of the hip to join onto the femur.

What causes the pain?

At Our Chiro Brisbane, we typically see this injury in athletes and people who are physically active, such as runners, tennis players or swimmers. Pain from overuse injuries or strains is very common with this muscle group and something we see commonly in the clinic. Pain and discomfort can also develop when you have shortening or tightening of the muscle from sitting for long periods. If you have pain or discomfort, contact us to make an appointment.

How do chiropractors treat this injury?

At Our Chiro Brisbane treatment can include kinesiology taping, cold laser therapy, active muscle release, massage therapy, dry needling, adjusting and mobilising the pelvis, low back and thoracic spine, as well as exercises to stretch and strengthen the affected muscles.

If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort, or limited range of movement in your hip or lower back you can make an appointment with a member of our team for a professional assessment. If you have any further questions please contact one of our friendly staff on 07 32570399.

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