Knee pain might indicate a medial collateral ligament injury

knee pain

Are you struggling with knee pain? You might have a medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury – one of the most common knee injuries. MCL injuries are something we commonly see and treat at Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane.

The medial collateral ligament plays a crucial role in everyday movement.

The MCL runs along the inner edge of your knee and plays a major role in keeping your knee stable when you walk. Along with the lateral collateral ligament, the MCL controls the sideways movement of the knee.

MCL injuries often occur when there is force from the outside of the knee that causes the medial collateral ligament to stretch or tear, resulting in knee pain.

MCL injuries commonly occur in sports such as rugby, football, hockey, netball and other sports where there is force applied on the outside of the knee and the knee is forced inwards (such as in a tackle). These injuries also commonly occur with repeated stress to the knee, sudden movements or rotational forces such as in skiing.

There are different grades of MCL injury:

  • Grade 1: a slight stretch where the joint remains stable
  • Grade 2: a partial tear
  • Grade 3: a full tear (which may require a surgery)

Our Chiro Brisbane offers effective treatment for MCL injuries.

Treatments at the clinic for Grade 1 and 2 injuries involve strapping or bracing, needling, kinesiology taping, and cold laser therapy. Once the initial inflammation and pain has stabilised, mobilisations and a rehabilitation program including strengthening exercises helps prevent further and future injury to the MCL.

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