Why is my one leg longer than the other?

one leg longer

Is it actually possible to have one leg longer than the other? It’s actually incredibly common and affects approximately 80% of the general population. This is something that we see and help treat at Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane.

So why is your one leg longer than the other?

Leg length discrepancy is characterised by a noticeable difference in length of the lower limbs. There are two main types of leg length discrepancy – Structural and Functional.

Structural leg length discrepancy occurs when there is a physical difference in the length of either the femur or tibia.

This type of leg length discrepancy can be present from birth or from various causes throughout life, such as joint replacements, fractures of the leg bones or degenerative diseases.

Functional leg length difference is not because of differences in bone length but from biomechanics affecting the lower limb.

Causes of this type of length discrepancy are commonly from muscle weakness or tightening, changes in positioning of the pelvis (torsion/twisted), hip, knee or foot.

How can you treat leg length discrepancy?

Treatments for structural leg length discrepancy are orthotics, built up shoes or braces.

If you have functional leg length discrepancy, a visit to the clinic and seeing one of our chiropractors can help. We will use a combination of treatments and exercises as well as structural and functional analysis to help tight/weak muscles, rotate the pelvis/lower back, and balance out the biomechanics.

Treating functional leg length discrepancy will often help with sore knees, hip, feet and back pain that is caused by changes in biomechanical positioning.

If you have any questions in relation to leg length discrepancy or need any further information in relation to treatment contact the clinic on 07 32570399 or here and speak to one of our friendly staff.


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