Severe neck pain preventing you from turning your head?

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Are you experiencing extreme neck pain? As soon as you experience any discomfort in your neck, it is important to contact us to book an appointment as soon as possible. A common cause is toricollis, which is something that we can treat effectively at Our Chiro Brisbane.

Torticollis, commonly known as wry neck, is a common cause of acute neck pain.

Some of the common symptoms of torticollis are severe neck pain, having your head slightly tilted to one side, not being able to turn your head normally and headaches or pain in the shoulder.

Torticollis occurs when the muscles in the neck have a prolonged spasm or contraction. Common causes of torticollis can be injuries (e.g. sporting), sleeping, poor posture (e.g. sitting at a computer), or carrying or lifting heavy loads.

Often torticollis will appear with no warning. Fortunately our chiropractors can treat it effectively.

For example, you might go to bed feeling fantastic and wake up the next morning with a really sore neck and find you can’t turn your head. When this happens it’s obviously very painful and can be very worrying. However, the good news is that it is very treatable. It is something we see and treat at Our Chiro Chiropractor Brisbane quite often.

Whenever you have neck pain you should always seek professional healthcare advice.

Our practitioners at Our Chiro – Chiropractor Brisbane use a range of techniques to help you with neck pain of all kinds, whether it’s torticollis or from another cause. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact one of our friendly staff on 07 32570399 or here.

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