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Are you looking for migraine treatment in Fortitude Valley? The qualified team at Our Chiro offers natural, chiropractic treatment that is long-lasting. Contact us today to book an assessment with a member of our expert team.

Our Chiro provides the best migraine treatment in Fortitude Valley. Without relying on painkillers.

If you suffer from migraines, you will be aware of the many brands of painkillers that are prescribed specifically for migraines. You have probably tried several different painkillers in an effort to find one that works. Even if you have found a medication that relieves your migraines, it probably only works for a relatively short period of time. And it definitely won’t prevent the occurrence of future migraines.

In your efforts to alleviate this terrible pain, you have probably tried a few different options. Physiotherapy and other types of massage therapy are common choices. Again, whilst this type of approach might provide some temporary relief, it is unlikely to provide any form of long-term solution.

For migraine treatment to be effective, it needs to focus on the causes rather than the symptoms.

Of course, the chiropractors at Our Chiro want nothing more than to alleviate your symptoms. However, we aim to take it a step further by offering treatment that targets the cause(s) of your migraines. Therefore, our treatment has a more long-term preventative approach.

There is no single definitive cause of migraines. In fact, there are many competing theories as to the causes and relevant treatments of migraines. Instead of adhering to one theory, at Our Chiro we look at each client on a case by case basis. We identify the biomechanical dysfunctions that are present in your body, and administer treatment accordingly. We also work with other health service providers if any medical problems are identified that cannot be treated with chiropractic.

In this way, Our Chiro provides individualized migraine treatment in Fortitude Valley. It’s how we get better results. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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