What does kinesio taping do?

kinesio taping

Kinesio taping is often used to treat injured joints. Do you want to reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation? We are here to help treat your injury as effectively as possible.

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One of the taping methods we use at Our Chiro Brisbane is Kinesio taping or – more formally – kinesiology taping. We often get asked how it works, so here is some general information:

Kinesio taking encourages blood flow and drains lymphatic fluid.

Kinesio tape is far stretchier and more flexible than traditional rigid tape. The tape is generally applied in a stretched position, and then bunches up after application, which lifts the layers of skin and tissue, encouraging blood flow and drainage of other fluids (namely ‘lymphatic fluid’).

It enables the brain to better protect and activate the injured joint.

When a joint is weak, the signals it sends to the brain, to enable it to understand where the joint is and what it’s doing, are lessened. Kinesio taping provides stimulation to the skin over the injured area, which strengthens those signals and makes the brain more able to activate the joint, as well as being more able to protect it.

Experience less swelling, bruising, and inflammation.

Kinesio tape also helps to reduce swelling and bruising and is effective at reducing inflammation by improving the efficiency of fluid movement through the injured area.

It also comes in a variety of bright colours, just to give you that extra wow factor when you get back out on the pitch!

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When you book an appointment with one of our practitioners at Our Chiro Brisbane we’ll examine you thoroughly, and depending on your injury we may use kinesio taping as part of your treatment. If you have any questions our would like to make an appointment please contact one of our friendly staff on <a href=”tel:0732570399″class=”phone_number” >07 3257 0399</a> or book online at www.ourchiro.com.au



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