Chiropractic clinic in Brisbane offers a wide range of treatments

chiropractic treatments Brisbane

Our Chiro Brisbane is an established chiropractic clinic in Fortitude Valley Brisbane. Our
fully qualified team members provide many treatment modalities to promote musculoskeletal
health. Importantly, these are tailored to best promote each client’s health. So to find out more
or to book an appointment, please contact our reception.

Our chiropractic clinic in Brisbane is all about bringing
you back to balance and good health.

As experienced chiropractors, we treat a wide range of conditions. Importantly, chiropractic is primarily
associated with the body’s musculoskeletal system. In other words: your muscles, bones, and
joints. Therefore, you can find a list of common conditions that we treat here.

At Our Chiro Brisbane you will receive treatment that is
tailored to your specific pain or condition.

Because our goal is to provide chiropractic treatment that is as effective as possible, we adapt
our treatments to best address each patients presenting problem. Furthermore, all our methods
are gentle, safe, and effective. For example, our chiropractic clinic in Brisbane offers the following

  • manual manipulation techniques
  • activator
  • trigger point therapy
  • remedial massage
  • muscle release and soft tissue techniques
  • kinesio taping, sports taping, and dynamic taping
  • rehabilitation, exercise, and strengthening programmes
  • TENS and muscle stimulation therapy
  • cold laser therapy
  • dry needling
  • acupuncture
  • cupping

This comprehensive range of treatments therefore allows our practitioners to effectively
address a wide range of complaints, ailments, and injuries.

From sports injuries to migraines, the team at Our Chiro
Brisbane aims to treat your pain, and prevent recurrences.

To book an appointment for a comprehensive assessment, contact our reception. Thereafter,
we will bring you back to balance and good health.

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