Common work injuries

common work injuries 300x200 - Common work injuriesHere at Our Chiro, we often treat patients who are seeing us with injuries that have happened or have been exacerbated in the workplace. So in today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the most common workplace injuries.

Lower Back Pain

Many people would think that by working in an office, you’re keeping yourself safe from workplace injuries. However, one of the most common injuries we see is lower back problems, often caused by extended periods of sitting. When you add in poor posture and incorrect use of chairs and ergonomic equipment, lower back pain is incredibly common.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Many occupations require the worker to repeat the same motion over and over again. Anything from typing on a keyboard or using a mouse, to repeated manual motions (such as using a screwdriver) can cause repetitive strain. To avoid these kind of injuries, prevention is key. Regular stretching and ensuring correct posture is vital.

Strain and Fatigue

We’ve all had times at work where we are so tired that we should probably just pack up and go home. It’s at times like these when we are in the most danger of having a workplace injury. Our movements become less precise and we are more likely to overexert our bodies, causing injury or strain. 

If you have suffered from one of the  types of injuries we have described in today’s post, you’re not alone. At Our Chiro, we commonly treat people for lower back pain, repetitive strain injuries, fatigue-related strain, and many more.

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