What causes compartment disorders

Compartment disorder or syndrome can exhibit in two main types: acute and chronic. In today’s blog, we will discuss chronic compartment compartment disorders 300x199 - What causes compartment disorders

disorder, which is less serious, but much more common. It is due to increased pressure in a muscle compartment of the body, most commonly in the limbs.

The symptoms

The main symptom of the chronic form is pain when exercising. It can also result in numbness and swelling in the affected area. While the symptoms tend to settle down when resting, frustratingly they can tend to flare up again with exercise.

Common causes

  1. Exercise. Chronic Compartment syndrome is commonly caused by a repeated use of the same muscles. The condition occurs most commonly in the leg muscles, so it tends to be exacerbated by high-impact forms of leg exercise, such as running, where the muscles are activated repeatedly in the same motion for extended periods.
  2. Age. This condition can affect people of any age, but unlike other common conditions, it is more commonly seen in those under the age of 30.
  3. Exertion. Unfortunately, this condition isn’t one that goes away without treatment. Due to the symptoms, it can commonly be mistaken for general muscle stiffness or soreness, so many patients try to ‘push through the pain’. Unfortunately, working out more often may worsen the condition.

Good news

The good news is that this condition can often be treated non-surgically. Our qualified chiropractors can help identify if you are suffering from this condition and successfully treat it, enabling you to enjoy exercise, pain free.

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